All of SEVENs materials and manufacturing from grinding to milling to finish is done 100% in Japan and Seven Products are using the Best Technology like 360CNC milling, Pure Tempered Technology and 3D-CG, which makes it become the best on the market.



  • We are proud to announce our partnership with Korea’s #1 fitting center Pangyo Golf Fitting (PGF) who is taking the lead in launching the SEVEN golf brand in Korea with us!  PGF now has stock of all the latest SEVEN full CNC irons, wedges and putters including demo clubs for you to try!  @pan_gyo_golf_fitting #sevengolf 🏌️ 🔥 #korea
  • The new SC #sevengolf
  • We are proud to announce our all new SC iron!!! The SC is positioned between the CB and MCB expanding our line up to 3 exquisite forged players cavity back designs.  Major enhancements have been made with heat treatments, upgraded end mill tools and enhanced cad cg optimization.  We also improved the finish adding 2 layers of nickel.  More info to come!  #sciron #sevensc #sevengolf
  • 6/18/19 #newrelease #sevengolf
  • ST Wedges in Black Boron #sevengolf
  • Our CB in Black 😎 #sevengolf
  • Our CB in Black #sevengolf
  • Our CB in Black 😎 #sevengolf
  • Our CB in Black ⬛️ #sevengolf
  • The Pilota JSS 3136L Collaboration with Benock!  #sevengolf #okudaputter
  • VSR 1st reference from 2016 🔥 🇯🇵 #sevengolf
  • The killer #mcb #sevengolf

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