All of SEVENs materials and manufacturing from grinding to milling to finish is done 100% in Japan and Seven Products are using the Best Technology like 360CNC milling, Pure Tempered Technology and 3D-CG, which makes it become the best on the market.



  • For Players Only #sevencb
  • Introducing the 2019 SEVEN CB!- We have updated many aspects of our flagship cavity back’s design for improved performance, feel and design.

Advancements compared to previous generation :

1. Bead blast in cavity 
2. Extra layer of nickel in finish 
3. New end mill tools
4. Slightly adjusted shape 
5. Shorter & progressive hosel
6. Lower center of gravity 
7. Model on neck and serial #'s 
8. Rounded top line vs squared
9. New heat treatment for only center of face
  • New Iron drops next week!  This is the #7 iron 🤫 #sevengolf #newrelease
  • A different kind of brand #sevengolf
  • The latest ST.  Its Forged of Japanese S15C, the face and grooves are both CNC milled and its shape is jaw dropping.  This is a wedge ground by hand. #sevengolf
  • Our strong lofted forged cavity, the SEVEN SC iron. #sevengolf #madeinjapan🇯🇵
  • A revolution in blade technology #fullcnc #sevengolf
  • Intentional Design #sevengolf
  • Heres to all the hard workers out there who are making a contribution to society.  Have a great labor day and we hope you treat yourself to an extra round of golf! #youdeserveit #sevengolf #laborday
  • Do you understand the benefits of Full CNC?  If unsure please ask in the comments and we will answer.  #sevengolf #fullcnc #madeinjapan
  • Simple and clean,  The AG putter is now discontinued with few in stock remaining.  Made in Japan of SM490A,  the AG is very soft and with its horizontal precision face design it rolls end over end effortlessly.  #sevengolf
  • You gotta hit it to believe #sevenmb #sevengolf

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