All of SEVENs materials and manufacturing from grinding to milling to finish is done 100% in Japan and Seven Products are using the Best Technology like 360CNC milling, Pure Tempered Technology and 3D-CG, which makes it become the best on the market.



  • The 2017 CB which has been sold out and replaced for the updated 2019 CB.  #sevencb #sevengolf
  • Discover the performance of a full milled blade! #sevenmb #sevengolf #fullcnc #madeinjapan🇯🇵
  • Is this thing smooth or sharp? #vsr #sevengolf
  • Alternative Angles #arrow #sevengolf
  • Hope your having a great start to your new year.  For us,  the 🇯🇵 vacation is almost over and we return next week! 🎉
  • This Five is Alive! #sevencb #sevengolf
  • Both timeless and futuristic - The Blade #sevengolf
  • Only for the Hardcore 💀 #sevengolf #sevencb
  • Quality > Quantity #always #fullcnc #sevengolf
  • The Triple Edged Sole on the New SC Iron #sevengolf
  • Elegance is nothing without precision.  The New SC iron features blade like offset with stronger lofts plus intentional specific CG locations to optimize both spin and trajectory #sevengolf #madeinjapan 🇯🇵
  • Designed for feedback, the SEVEN MB was purposely made to meet the desires of the player who seeks to know when shots are struck both perfect and not.  The feel when hit flush is so soft our customers say the ball disappears at impact while at the same time off center strikes are known by a firmer feel.  Exactly what a true blade enthusiast seeks in a muscle back design. Thx! 🤙

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