All of SEVENs materials and manufacturing from grinding to milling to finish is done 100% in Japan and Seven Products are using the Best Technology like 360CNC milling, Pure Tempered Technology and 3D-CG, which makes it become the best on the market.



  • What your eye wants your eye gets #sevengolf
  • And now that sole grind in smoked 🇯🇵 DLC #sciron #sevengolf
  • The sole design on the SC will go down as legendary #sciron #sevengolf #fullmilled #cnc #madeinjapan🇯🇵
  • Its in the details and design🏆 #vsr #sevengolf
  • Super Clean, Every Time 😎 #sevengolf
  • The SC iron is our strongest lofted & most forgiving model in our current line up 🔥 #sevengolf
  • We CAM’d all the top blades on the market then did an overlay of shapes to pull and tug the angles of our iron to an ideal look.  Progressive CG’s, hosel lengths, shapes and the best manufacturing and finish of any brand, bar none.  #notmadeinchina  #madeinjapan🇯🇵 #sevengolf
  • Its modern and classic at the same time.  Made by 5-Axis in 🇯🇵 #vsr #sevengolf
  • Our aim is simple,  take the best quality J.I.S forged steel then mill it to specific cg locations and a shape only CNC can achieve with precise accuracy.  The result in terms of feel, performance and aesthetics becomes second to none. #sevencb #sevengolf
  • 1 font, 1 logo and 1 number.  #sevengolf #sciron #dlc 🇯🇵
  • Like our irons our putters are also on another level.  5-Axis milled 💯% in 🇯🇵- We never bend, cut or weld to spec, only mill.  When you need custom we edit the CAD of the entire head to ensure performance as originally intended.  Most pro’s aren’t offered anywhere near this level of customization #doingthingstherightway #sevengolf
  • Our clubs are different 👽 #sevengolf

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